Psuedo Sussudio

I’ve been on a real Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue kick since we got the new brewed in Decorah, IA cans. I’ll be using this as a starting point as an inspired by brew. This is also the first time trying out the beerxml plugin from Derek Springer over at Five Blades Brewing. So far I’m liking the layout better than the text import from brewers friend.

The misc grains arrived yesterday and the yeast should be here sometime today, with the conical being tied up with the Session Janets Brown from last week, I’m hoping to get this one brewed next weekend or early the following week.

Recipe Details

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
25 L 60 min 76.17 4.47 1.06 1.016 5.79
Actuals 1.06 1.016


Name Amount %
Pale 2-Row 4.863 kg 78.65
Flaked Wheat 662.2 g 10.71
Flaked Oats 340.2 g 5.5
Caramel / Crystal 15L 258.5 g 4.18
CaraFoam 59 g 0.95


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Citra 14.2 g 0 min First Wort Pellet 11
Citra 42.5 g 30 min Aroma Pellet 11
Citra 42.5 g 20 min Aroma Pellet 11
Citra 42.5 g 10 min Aroma Pellet 11
Citra 28.3 g 5 days Dry Hop Pellet 11
Citra 28.3 g 3 days Dry Hop Pellet 11


Name Amount Time Use Type
Brewtan B 1.2 g 0 min Mash Other
BrewTan B 2.5 g 15 min Boil Other
Wyeast Nutrient 2.5 g 10 min Boil Other


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
A38 Juice (A38 Juice) Imperial Yeast 74% 17.78°C - 23.33°C


Step Temperature Time
Saccharification Rest 68°C 60 min
Mash Out 75°C 15 min
Sparge 75°C 20 min


1. BrewTan B - Mash: 0.5g/gal add direct to mash water.
2. BrewTan B - Kettle: 1.0g/gal make a slurry with wort, then add to the kettle.